Our Stories: Made to Fail – Disconnected in Florida (podcast)

This failure wasn’t an accident.

In Florida, the online unemployment system is not working. Interface glitches, missing support services, hold music heard ad nauseum … this is all to be expected from Florida’s CONNECT system. Today, some Floridians still haven’t seen a single penny in benefits. Now, the governor has called for an investigation into the system’s initial contract and has admitted publicly that the system may have been designed to discourage users from, well, using it. After a deep dive into the history of the state’s attitude towards federal unemployment as a whole, it’s clear that there’s more going on in Florida than just a faulty computer system.

Made to Fail, Chapter Two: Disconnected in Florida

Made to Fail is a podcast series produced by The Hub Project, Goat Rodeo, and the Roosevelt Institute. “Made to Fail travels the country to tell the story of how conservative ideology has gutted the safety net, corrupted our institutions, and made government unaccountable to the people. As we confront an unprecedented era of economic uncertainty, amidst a health crisis and a national reckoning on race, the question is…how can we find the way out?” Read the transcript of this episode here.

This post is part of Our Stories, a continuing series profiling everyday people and how they’ve responded constructively to the unemployment crisis in Florida.

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