D.Anderson, Managing Director

I grew up in Florida and still have family there. I’m absolutely horrified to see the way that Florida is managing its unemployment system, and wanted to help in some way.” – Parent of an Jobless Florida Resident

“As a business owner, I feel terrible that my laid-off employees whose unemployment taxes I faithfully paid, aren’t getting the help they need. What are we paying taxes for?” – Florida Small Business Owner

We’re here to point you to all the resources you need.

UnemployedFlorida.com is a community clearinghouse for news about Florida unemployment benefits, other sources of financial aid, & civic actions to fix the broken system.

We are a grassroots citizens group born out of frustration, despair, and struggle. There are lots of great places to find information on coping with the broken Florida unemployment system, but we noticed that there wasn’t one central place for jobless people to find information they need to get financial help, save money, get career information, and most importantly, advocate for change.

In theory, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity should be coordinating resources for Florida residents, but helpfulness doesn’t seem to be a priority for them.

We’re doing our best to bring everything you need together in one location. We’ve just launched and will be adding more information daily.

We’d welcome your help if you’d like to contribute your time and talents!

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